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Pivot 3 BETA free download

Download Pivot 3 Beta here

More precise link

Sign up is required, but that takes a second.
That link is also an animation site to post your animations on and get help to improve and rise for the stars.

Best wishes.



130 Responses to “Pivot 3 BETA free download”

  1. Β΄just click on it then download it -.-

  2. thanks man!!!

  3. Thanks! I really needed it for some stks that I did on my Vista. I did the stks in Pivot 3 Beta and I put them here. Thanks!

  4. when I try 2 download Pivot 3 it always says “Your download has failed. You have an invalid session set. Click here to try your download again.”
    is there a nother place 2 get pivot 3???????

  5. i cant get it 😦

  6. i tried to download but it says invalid session set.

  7. does this file work on mac’s for all of those Mac users out there?

  8. i don’t really know .. but i think it doese’nt

  9. i got it

  10. i cant get it , it keeps saying file is corrupt

  11. not bad for a batea sorry cant spell

  12. Nice not bad for beta. But any way i can upload pivet to u tube? dont work.

  13. yeah
    you just do an animation then save the ani as and GIF
    and fix the rest im WMM (windows movie maker)

  14. wtf i cant open do i drag it into the pivot 2.5???

  15. wn i down load it da next day i cnt find it back

  16. thanks


  18. omg this is so awsome man

  19. lolololol, how the fuck did i find this?

  20. this is the best

  21. when i load a sprite hole pivot exits why?

  22. thanks.its way better than version 2.22

  23. omg my pivot 3 beta just downloaded in a few seconds =) =]

  24. genial

  25. thankyou man and sorry for ofensive you

  26. it’s cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. KoOoL!

  28. Umm… I have Pivot 2.22 and I want to download this but I am afraid if I do i’ll lose all my sticks (and I have a LOT). What should I do?

  29. Move your sticks to another folder. (Create a new one, in documents or something)

  30. thanks! it works perfectly+karma


  32. Mine wont work it wont open without the 2.2.5 but than it sais this stick program dosent fit with iit so im ganna try again. BUT THANKS

  33. its really cool that i can get this so thanks!

  34. LOL This ownz! watch my vid on youtube!- SEARCH: Aklator and click on stick men!

  35. ty

  36. Thanks man, I got some stick figures from a friend which required Pivot 3.

  37. its awsome yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  38. its awesome…………….yoooooo!!!!! check out ma vids on youtube πŸ˜‰


  39. does it cost any thing?leave any viruses?

  40. umm after i like downoad it do i like extract the files to the old pivot folder or wat?

  41. where do you downloa it

  42. i realy need help

  43. Its friggin sweet man! thanks 4 the download!!!

  44. Pivot 3 beta rocks! I really like it, I do Starwars battles and other stuff on it!

  45. It’s cool! Thanks!

  46. is this piviot 3?

  47. where is the downloadbutton

  48. hey i when i download it it says read me file not found in executable folder what do i do

  49. Were is the download button

  50. hi. am… if i download this program, will that earse all i have in pivot .ver. 2. 23?

  51. not if u just save it in another folder πŸ˜‰

  52. do you need the first one to download it???


  54. dv: Nope u dont need the first one.

    joecool: download it if u want to πŸ˜›


  55. itz awesome….

  56. Its awsome thx


  58. thx πŸ˜‰

  59. heyy, man thanx.:P
    ive been looking for this for ages
    thanxs so much:)

  60. It’s awesome! I really like doing long movies with a black background and white stickfigures!

  61. Pivot 3 beta is awesome!


  62. Thanks man!

  63. super cala frekan awsome man!!! yeah babe!!!!

  64. how do i put my pivots on to youtube

  65. oow men perfect good men :=)

  66. hey ummm. how do u put it on youtube. or save it so i can view it on windows media player because my computer cant find the original location or sumthen like dat. but please it took me like three days to make this vid . ineed help

  67. my laptop is vista the pivot 3 beta is compatible????

  68. Ray, it should be. i dont really know about vista.

  69. Okay, i have fixed the broken link that bothered alot of people.

    So enjoy.

  70. wow it’s cool

  71. idk but i want it lol

  72. thanks man that wat i need so i can put it on utube

  73. Pivot 3 beta is great! J love it

  74. great i realy like this

  75. thanks for helping download this πŸ™‚ it really helped me πŸ™‚

  76. great loved it


  78. pretty awesome

  79. how do i create my own pivot creation

  80. wow i m new maow

  81. finally

  82. this is the best think sence dildos

  83. i love it lovely

  84. I clicked on the more precise link, and it showed no download. All I saw was President Bush dancing….

  85. Mdisthebest, does the link not work anymore? It seems to me that way.

  86. If you go the the homepage you will see the new link.

  87. wow… what a nice stuff. i like this… TY

  88. it there a place to get the readme file?

  89. ermm… just wondering how do i download pivot be all my pc comes up with is

  90. sorry ignore the last 1

  91. hi anyone there?

  92. OHMYGOSH I’v been trying all day to doanload pivot beta 3

  93. This Download Is Outdated, Go to the first page for the new one.

  94. Wow this is soooo cool!
    I really like this..
    I haven’t downloaded it yet but…

  95. hey dude .. i was wondering if u still live .. haven’t talk with you for a while πŸ˜€ .. and i kindda missed u πŸ˜€ .. come to MSN πŸ˜€ and we’ll chat ^^

  96. thank you

  97. i like to make halo action figures with it


  99. i luv maaking animations

  100. no one talks here any more

  101. lol lol lol lol lol

  102. when dose the the full pivot 3 come out? thanks

  103. i want pivot 3.

  104. if i open the first link it says suspended?????
    and the second wont work??? WTF

  105. wtf is this

  106. fuk you it’s cooool!!!!!!

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